​​Featured Student:  DeAndre Bejamin

​​​We believe DeAndre has the characteristics to become a successful social entrepreneur and not only change his life but make a positive impact on society too.  He is a deep thinker, creative, proactive, and we believe will be able to effectively manage the combined complexities of life and business.

​DeAndre is in our new BFF Step Program.  The Step Program provides graduates with small amount of starting capital to start their very first small business. The expectation is that they will successfully manage their first business and then be eligible for additional capital that they can use to scale up their initial business or transition into a larger new business.

​DeAndre is currently conducting market research and testing various candy gift products in the market to determine market demand, pricing models, and business viability.  His dream is to make his first business successful so that he can raise the capital necessary to go into the business of "flipping homes' in the City of Cleveland.  Thank You for Helping Us Help DeAndre!!!